Rotogravure cylinder

The rotogravure cylinder is made of a seamless high quality tube which forms the metal base for further processing where the final form of the roller will be used to print flexible packaging materials.

The rotogravure cylinder is metallized to harden the surface and extend the life of the cylinder. The rotogravure cylinder is generally manufactured on a copper-plated steel rolled balancer.

The Company

Mauropoulos ΙΚΕ Rotogravure cylinder

Mavropoulos IKE has been active since 1978 in the field of Rotogravure Roller Production and Machining. It was founded by Kleanthi Mavropoulos and passed into the hands of his sonds Yannis’ and theologis in 1987.

The company Mavropoulos IKE has staff with long experience in the production of rotogravure cylinders. This gives the company the ability to have a good knowledge of the rotogravure cylinders production and the needs of its customers.

Our Principles


Innovation is the key to our success. Through innovation we manage to increase our performance and, above all, to meet the challenges and needs of tomorrow.

Research and development

Through continuous research and development, combined with our technical expertise and experience, we are continually striving to create exceptional quality rotogravure cylinders.


Experience combined with the latest technology is the secret of our success.

Our Customers

We have earned the trust and cooperation of the largest packaging and printing companies focusing on satisfying our customers at low cost and promptly meeting their requirements both in Greece and abroad.

Our Customers