Rotogravure Cylinder

Rotogravure Cylinder

The Rotogravure Roller is the printing material, which uses as a printing plate an enriched metallic roller which is electronically engraved. During the printing process the rotogravure roller is baptized in an ink container and, as it rotates, is wiped by a spatula. The spatula removes the ink from the areas that are not printed.

At the same time, the rotogravure roller is pressed by a pressure roller. The printable material passes between them. The rotogravure ink is thin and dries immediately after printing.

The rotogravure roller carries the image and is complex in its construction, made of many layers of different materials. It has a base (steel metal) on which a material is laid which allows engraving.

Finally, it is plated to harden the surface and extend the life of the cylinder. The printing cylinder is generally manufactured on an enriched copper-plated steel roller. Once the copper plating is finished, it is processed to obtain the correct diameter and roughness.